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A message from the Founder and Managing Director
For the past eleven years the company has built an enviable reputation in the NC Level Feeder Machine market founded on the ethic that ”Continuous Breakthrough Leads to Quality Excellent”. We are recognised in the Asia Pacific region for manufacturing the very best NC Level Feeder Machine. We are one of the Market Leader and the only manufacturer of this product and distributed throughout South East Asia and the Far East.
Continuous research and development has provided our company with some of the most sophisticated ideas and excellent design together with innovation, this has ensured our product an excellent reputation in these market. The notable growth of our company and effectiveness of our product s and services in the market over the last four years has been made possible by a simple business philosophy summarised in one word – TOTAL.
Having established our reputation, we has aspiration to make its international presence felt. Strategic plan has been develop as we are going global and our products certified by an accredited laboratory to ensure international product acceptance. Currently, our company is operating through a Total Management System and is going through a major rationalisation to reduce administrative and operation cost. As Asian region is still an area of strong growth and expansion for our company, during the coming year, particular emphasis is placed on the rationalisation of our new manufacturing plant, eliminating obsolete method and duplication of resources with a strong bias towards expansion